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From Gregory Guthrie <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.x failures
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 04:51:39 GMT
At 12:11 AM 06/28/2002 -0400, Liam Morley wrote:
>some one just had this issue on this list with Debian Woody yesterday. It 
>turned out that the JDK did have something to do with it. Here's the link 
>to that thread, you should be able to get all the info you need there.

-- Oops, circular reference!
This was someone seeing an old post of mine, on the same problem, and 
asking for my solution!

At that time, I fiddled some, re-arranged some things the install broke, 
waited a week or so and the errors disappeared. I never solved it. Now they 


>Best of luck,
>Liam Morley
>Gregory Guthrie wrote:
>>I tried to install tomcat4,
>>It installs fine, but then complains that it can't find an appropriate 
>>JDK, and indeed the Debian page reports that it needs J2SDK, which is 
>>"not available" (for Debian)?
>>To even get Apache to then start (after installing Tomcat4), I had to 
>>remove the tomcat-auto include from httpd.conf (Tomcat no longer seems to 
>>generate this on startup..?) . Now I have parts of Tomcat3, Tomcat4 (not 
>>working, missing J2SDK), and Apache which now won't connect to either.
>>What is the proper upgrade path, or can I solve my tomcat 3 problems and 
>>revert to it?
>>-- Do I need to apt-get remove tomcat before installing tomcat4?
>>-- Is the mod_jk connection with Apache changed?  (the httpd.conf items 
>>noted above)
>>-- Is there a source of instructions for this that I should be reading!?
>>( I hope this is not too Debian specific for this list..)
>>>I have a Tomcat 3.2B6 install on Linux (Debian 2.2), w/ Apache .
>>> >
>>> > The server seems to work fine, but the log files constantly report the
>>> > errors below, about each 4 seconds. after a day or so log files
>>> > of hundreds
>>> > of MB are common.
>>>Did you install the deb from the main Debian archive? I experianced this a
>>>few months ago and solved it by installing the tomcat4 package.
>>There ought to be a bug in the debian bug tracker that ought to describe
>>Gregory Guthrie
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