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From Gregory Guthrie <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 3.x failures
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 04:07:23 GMT
I tried to install tomcat4,
It installs fine, but then complains that it can't find an appropriate JDK, 
and indeed the Debian page reports that it needs J2SDK, which is "not 
available" (for Debian)?

To even get Apache to then start (after installing Tomcat4), I had to 
remove the tomcat-auto include from httpd.conf (Tomcat no longer seems to 
generate this on startup..?) . Now I have parts of Tomcat3, Tomcat4 (not 
working, missing J2SDK), and Apache which now won't connect to either.

What is the proper upgrade path, or can I solve my tomcat 3 problems and 
revert to it?

-- Do I need to apt-get remove tomcat before installing tomcat4?

-- Is the mod_jk connection with Apache changed?  (the httpd.conf items 
noted above)

-- Is there a source of instructions for this that I should be reading!?

( I hope this is not too Debian specific for this list..)

>I have a Tomcat 3.2B6 install on Linux (Debian 2.2), w/ Apache .
> >
> > The server seems to work fine, but the log files constantly report the
> > errors below, about each 4 seconds. after a day or so log files
> > of hundreds
> > of MB are common.
>Did you install the deb from the main Debian archive? I experianced this a
>few months ago and solved it by installing the tomcat4 package.

There ought to be a bug in the debian bug tracker that ought to describe

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