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From Eric Everman <>
Subject RE: can jsp's import text?
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 21:30:32 GMT
At 03:01 PM 6/27/2002, you wrote:

>Use the <jsp:include page="yoururl.html"/> tag.
>This just drags the text into the page as is.
>If you want to parse it in the page, I think this might work:
>         String extContent = "<jsp:include page="yourpage.whatever"/>";
>         // now do stuff with extContent

No, I'm pretty sure the above won't work - you can't use a jsp tag inside 
of a scriptlet.

Seth, are you asking about parsing the content of an included page that is 
part of the application (ie on the same server, within the same context), 
or are you talking about accessing a remote page via http?

Either way its possible, but you'll have to write some code to do it.  But 
then, you have to write code anyway since you want to parse the returned 
text, right?

Eric Everman

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>From: Seth Brahler [<>]
>Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2002 2:43 PM
>Subject: can jsp's import text?
>For example, in Cold Fusion you can use a HTTP tag that will bring any
>page's HTML and deliver it as a string. Then you can parse the string as
>you wish and display it on your site. Can this be done in JSP?
>Seth Brahler
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