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From "Paul D. Bain" <>
Subject Re: Does anybody know any usage survey on Tomcat
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 06:08:22 GMT
At Tuesday 6/25/02 02:42 AM, you wrote:
>I need some arguments to provide to my boss so that I am allowed to install
>tomcat as productive server.
>There are surveys for using Apache, but I couldn't find anything on Tomcat.
>I would prefere to use version 4.


         Do you need to know what percentage of web servers world-wide 
actually use Tomcat? I shall assume that that's what you want. Well, many 
web administrators (admins) enable servlets on their sites by establishing 
a connection between Apache and Tomcat by using an Apache module called 
"mod_jk," whose usage is growing very rapidly, as shown on this page:

This rapid growth strongly suggests that Tomcat installations are also 
increasing rapidly. Of course, this data does not include those 
installations that use mod_webapp or mod_jk2 (for use with Apache 2.0), 
which can also be used to establish a connection between Apache and Tomcat. 
I do not know where to find data on the deployment of these two modules. 
Furthermore, some web admins use Tomcat as a web server (as well as a 
servlet container), and there is probably no data on those installations, 

         You might want to investigate this page, too:

         I hope that helps (HTH).

--Paul Bain

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