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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Help please! ... please?
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 11:31:43 GMT
I'm having a problem getting Tomcat to redirect certain http traffic to
https.  Here is what I can do thus far:

1)  I can access http content just fine
2)  I can access https content just fine

What I can't do:

1)  I cannot seem to manage to get Tomcat to do a successful redirection
from http to https when I have page(s) secured by a security-constraint
with a transport-guarantee of "CONFIDENTIAL".  If I access the same
document(s) over https, everything works smoothly.

My Configuration:

RedHat Linux 7.2
Apache 1.3.22
Tomcat 4.0.3
WARP Connector (I'd be interested in where I can get jk/ajp connectors
and documentation!)
Secure pages are also protected by roles (JDBCRealm)

My observations:
As stated above, I can access http/https traffic without any problem
whatsoever as long as I type the appropriate scheme in the address bar.
If I attempt to access a given page that is secured with a
transport-guarantee of CONFIDENTIAL over http, I do get some sort of
switch - but I get an (attempted?) error page.  The page only shows as
"Document contains no data" though.

Would someone have a suggestion?  I honestly don't know where to go from
here.  I saw somewhere in the archive that someone had redirects going
under 4.0.3, but they didn't explicitly state they were using Tomcat to
do it - they could be using a work-around.  I emailed them anyway -
haven't heard back though.

Many thanks in advance!

Eddie Bush

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