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From Martin Jacobson <>
Subject Re: TC 4.1.3 ExptyStackException
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 08:25:50 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:

>>I'm sure you're a busy guy, but I'd really appreciate an assist here; I
>>moved to TC4.1 in order to have a working implementation of a JNDI
>>DataSource, but in the process I have lost a working SSL implementation,
>>which is *vital* for my application (this is medical data, and I need to
>>demonstrate to the Authorities that the system is reasonably secure).
>>If there's a problem with TC4.1 (I know it's alpha), would you suggest
>>that I retro-grade to TC 4.0 ? I have an alternative (working!)
>>connection-pooling setup that I could use, so it's not a total disaster
>>for me.
> You can always downgrade. However, SSL works fine for me and others in more
> complex cases.
> Remy

I *hope* it works for you - you wrote the thing! :-)
However, since it doesn't work for me, and since I'm 99.9% certain that 
I have everything set-up and configured correctly, this constitutes a 
bug (although it could be external to Coyote/Tomcat). I am willing to 
persue this, and I got a copy of the sources via cvs, with a view to 
tracking it down, but I'd like some advice:
1) Should I join the developer list? (Say no, I get too much mail already!)
2) Should I post a bug report to Bugzilla, or do you do that?
3) Any hints as to where I should start my search?

To re-iterate the problem: I use Coyote to configure a SSL connector, 
which *apparently* correctly initialises itself (I checked that 
something was happening by removing certain parameters, and it then barfed).
However, when I access a protected page, the re-direct to my login page 
(which uses ssl) fails with a, which 
indicates that there is no stream protocol handler registered for 'https'.

Many thanks,

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