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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Tomcat 4.0.3 - Apache 1.3 - Redirecting SSL
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 13:12:05 GMT
Hello.  I'm having an odd problem.  It seems that despite configuring my
Tomcat server to redirect traffic that is inappropriate for a
connector's scheme, it does not do it.  I was aware this was an issue in
earlier releases, but thought it had been resolved by now.  Everything
works, except for the redirection.  Here is what I do:

I have two warp connects set up (looking in jk2 etc too, but not
comfortable with it yet - yes I know my static content is being served
by Tomcat =( ).  One listens on port 8008 (http) and another listens on
8010 (https).  I did not set a scheme for the http connector because it
says that http is the default - so I shouldn't have to specify that.  I
did specify a redirect port of 443 (which is where Apache SSL listens
for connections).  My second connector (listening on port 8010) has a
redirect port value of 80 (to send the request back to Apache non-SSL)
and a scheme of https.

In my Apache config, I do have an entry for both connectors (by
specifying which port the request should be sent to) so that the request
will go on to Tomcat and let it handle it as I expect it to.

Could someone possibly point out a flaw in my thinking?  Is this still
an issue, or am I approaching the solution poorly?  Have I stated my
problem poorly? =)

I did try to hit the app through SSL and it worked flawlessly.  However,
going at it through non-SSL channels just yields an empty page.  Any
help would be most appreciated =)

Thank you for your time,

Eddie Bush

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