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From Fabio Mengue <>
Subject Re: javax.naming.NamingException: Cannot create resource instance
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 12:34:53 GMT

Les Hughes wrote:

>Also, I dont think you need both drivername and url - they are synonyms for
>the same thing. 
I think DBCP wants URL to be configured. At least with DB2, if I don't 
configure url on server.xml, I get

Cannot create JDBC driver of class '' for 
connect URL 'null'

on catalina.out.

>One last thing, the property "user" or "username" seems to be driver
>specific maybe? Try both and let us know which one works :-)
I think that DBCP also wants username to be configured. I get

DBCP DataSource configured without a 'username'

on catalina.out

>IF either of you guys get a functioning DB2 and Oracle setting, could you
>mail me them? I'm updating the documentation to include specific examples.
I still can't make DB2 work. I get


and no catalina.out entry for that.

Lack of documentation from IBM is always my problem :)

See ya,


Fabio Mengue - Centro de Computacao - Unicamp
"Quem se mata de trabalhar merece mesmo morrer." - Millor

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