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From Nic Holbrook <>
Subject Re: tomcat won't load oracle driver
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2002 02:00:15 GMT
slickdev wrote:

>I have Tomcat 3.3 and cannot get any web apps to recognize the oracle jdbc drivers, which
are contained in an oracle file named  I am confident of the oracle installation,
as I can successfully run queries from command line java programs, using the same class file
and driver.  The system out always indicates that tomcat cannot find the oracle driver.  
>Predictably, I have already tried moving the oracle class file among many directories
under %TOMCAT_HOME%, including lib, apps, common, container, and of course, I have also placed
it at various locations within the web-app\<application> directory sub-dirs.  I always
restart tomcat after moving the class file.
>Nothing works.  Tomcat cannot or *will* not find my oracle class file.
>Advice appreciated!
I haven't tried this, but maybe Tomcat has a problem recognizing the 
.zip extension.  zip and jar are interchangeable.  Maybe see if you can 
either rename it to or unzip it and re-package it with a 
.jar extension.  Then try putting it back in the lib/apps directory. 
 I've had the best luck with classloader and the apps directory with 
version 3.3.


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