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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Null Pointer Exception - would you please take a look?
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 19:22:10 GMT
This may be to much to ask for - but are you able to get this to work 
with a different DBMS?  On first glance, it appears you (not literally) 
might be passing null to the JDBC driver's setString() method and the 
JDBC driver can't handle the null value. Consequently - things explode. 
If so - it would be JDBC driver's fault and not tomcat. (But that could 
be subject to opinion too)


Eddie Bush wrote:
> I'm getting really annoyed =)  It seems you people haven't actually read my
> question thoroughly enough to actually understand what I'm doing.  The
> thought crosses my mind that you see the subject and then just scan and put
> in some standard "Oh he's an idiot - he needs to do this" response.  The
> problem is with a JDBCRealm!  I do NOTHING to send/receive anything to/from
> the database.  I was of the understanding that Tomcat did this when I
> configured the realm and set up the security-constraint.
> While I believe my XML to be valid and correct, I will happily post it for
> inspection if someone thinks it would help.  Here is a sequence of what
> happens and the actors that are involved:
> Actors:  Me and Tomcat
> Me:  Enter url of page that is protected by a security constraint into my
> browsers address bar.  Press enter.
> Tomcat:  Returns to the client a page that looks like:
> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
> <META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html;
> charset=windows-1252"></HEAD>
> (This is not what the actual page is - it's a JSP file - index.jsp - with
> much different content.  Also notice I'm not calling a servlet!  Even if I
> were, it wouldn't make a bit of difference at this point because Tomcat
> hasn't authenticated me!  This happens when Tomcat should authenticate me -
> it is NOT my coding!!!)
> In my server log file, I have an error that starts off as:
> 2002-06-17 12:29:28 [org.apache.catalina.connector.warp.WarpRequestHandler]
> java.lang.NullPointerException
>     at interbase.interclient.PreparedStatement.setString(Unknown Source)
>     at org.apache.catalina.realm.JDBCRealm.credentials(
>     at org.apache.catalina.realm.JDBCRealm.authenticate(
>     at org.apache.catalina.realm.JDBCRealm.authenticate(
> My catalina.out has no indication of anything having gone awry - it merely
> has status messages indicating that the server was started (why isn't there
> a timestamp in here?).
> Any ideas?  Thank you for having actually READ THE ENTIRE MESSAGE so you
> UNDERSTAND my problem before having issued a reply =)  Ack!  I'm sorry but
> I'm frustrated by the responses I am getting - makes me wanna just jump up
> and down and scream at the top of my lungs ... Please - I BEG of you - clue
> me in here - any thoughts why this is happening?  Again, I can post my XML
> if you think I need to.
> A couple of questions people have asked up to this point, along with the
> answer:
> Q: Are you passing a null string?
> A: I get this when I try to visit a URL that falls under a security
> constraint.  It's a JDBCRealm.  Tomcat handles this - it is not my code.
> Q: Are you sure the fields in your table match what Tomcat is expecting?
> A: Initially they didn't.  My fields were of length 14 and Tomcat says they
> should be 15 -- but they're varchar, so does that really matter?  I rebuilt
> the tables so that anything Tomcat uses matches exactly what the docs say -
> meaning I made my fields to be of length 15.  I still get the same
> response - exactly the same response.
> Is this the JDBCRealm?  I put my DB driver in common/lib - so Tomcat SHOULD
> be able to find it - right?  Is this the appropriate spot?  Is it possible
> (and how possible?) that this is my driver?  I use this driver just fine
> doing JDBC stuff all the time - no problem.
> Thanks for your time!
> Eddie

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