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From Eric Armstrong <>
Subject Silent Failures
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 21:28:14 GMT
1. When attempting to use the script, what appears
     to be a "silent failure" occurs that turns out to be simply
     an inordinately long startup time.

    The script finishes right away, but:.
      * There are no indications of progress as the startup
      * There is no indication of success when it completes.
      * It doesn't tell the name of the log file where errors
         might be found.

2. Similarly, when accessing tools like the manager and
    admin tools, there is a long, long wait that has made
    me think the server must be down, with nothing that
    says, "Wait...", or any kind of progress indicator.

3. Finally, when attempting to install an application using
    a Manager task in an ant build, the script simply
    hangs. After about 10 minutes, I decided it must be
    hung, anyway. Again, there was no inidcation of what
    log file (if any) I might inspect to find out what is
    happening. (I believe I have found it now, but when
    first starting out, the accumulated crescendo of silence
    from these issues was deafening.)

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