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From David Cassidy <>
Subject Re: Other question
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:32:26 GMT

there are at least 2 ways...

have a look in the ps list - there should be mention of a process 
running with a
name that includes Tomcat  (?!!!)

The other way - far better as it actually tests that the system is 
working ...

use wget or curl - use your fave and make an access to your site...

eg wget

this will then actually get something from the server...

You could make a page called say testTheServer.jsp which tests that the 
is running etc. Your script that runs wget / curl can then email /SMS 
etc you
if it doesn't get something it's expecting

for example if the words "SYSTEM UP AND OK" don't come out in the output
then you know your system is stuffed ...

Hope this helps


Laura wrote:

>Hi all,
>thanks for your reply (Security - Attack): you are telling me that I
>shouldn't worry because Apache is secure. (I hope it)
>I have one other question: If Tomcat shouts down for some cause, how can
>I know it?
>For example, Apache has a PID and so you can control if the apache
>process, with that PID,  is alive.
>But Tomcat doesn't write any PID: how can I know if Tomcat is alive or
>not? Is there any script for that?
>Thanks for your help

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