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From Frédéric Laurent>
Subject no way to avoid log ?
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 10:43:21 GMT

I'm still trying to configure tomcat to avoid logs (in files or on the 
After the deletion of all the xml statements concerning Logger and
Valve, there are still numerous logs on my console...
I set all the servlet/object debug parameter to 0 value, but it seems to
  be insufficient...

for instance :
WebappLoader[/admin]: Deploy ...

In the WebAppLoader class (org.apache.catalina.loader), a
private log method is declared. These method writes logs on a logger if
one is defined, but if there is no logger available, System.out.println
is called !

     private void log(String message) {
         if (logger != null)
             logger.log("WebappLoader[" + container.getName() + "]: "
                        + message);
         else {
             System.out.println("WebappLoader[" + containerName
                                + "]: " + message);

So what is the conclusion ?
If I don't want any log, do I have to patch all classes in which such a
method is used ? or do I miss something ?

thanks in advance

Frédéric Laurent

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