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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject ant manager install using context configuration file failure
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 15:55:42 GMT

I'm having a a problem using the ant taskdefs to intstall a webapp
using a context configuration file (CCF).  I'm using Tomcat 4.1.3 on
Win2k (sp2sr1).  I've spoken extensively with
Craig McClanahan and we've gone through all the possibilities we could
think of that might be at issue in causing the errors I am receiving.
He's not sure why my setup doesn't work because it works just fine for
him on his Linux box.

Here is how my install target it set up:

    <target name="install" depends="compile,manager.init"
            description="Install application to servlet container" >
            war="file://${build.home}/META-INF/utasklist.xml" />

Here is the error I get in the log files:

2002-06-26 10:30:54 Manager: install: Installing web application at '/utasklist' from 'file://D:\myclasses\servlets\utasklist/build/META-INF/utasklist.xml'
2002-06-26 10:30:54 StandardHost[localhost]: Installing web application at context path /utasklist
from URL file://D:/myclasses/servlets/utasklist/build/META-INF/utasklist.xml
2002-06-26 10:30:54 StandardContext[/utasklist]: Error initializing resources: Document base
D:\myclasses\servlets\utasklist\build\META-INF\utasklist.xml does not exist or is not a readable
2002-06-26 10:30:54 StandardContext[/utasklist]: Context startup failed due to previous errors

Notice that it doesn't even seem to get to the point to reading the
contents of the utasklist.xml CCF.  It seems to think that it can't
even find the CCF.  The path on the 3rd line is, in
fact, exactly where my CCF is located (I've double and triple checked the
path).  However, it gives an odd error that
says "does not exist or is not a readable directory" which seems to
suggest that it is looking to read a directory, not a CCF.

The thing is, if I use the install target with an application that
doesn't require a CCF but, instead, just points to the app base of the
webapp, the install goes just fine, so it isn't a permissions problem
(and I've checked that Everyone has full control over the CCF as

I'd like the following questions answered:

1.  Does this work for anyone else on any platform?  Just want to
double check that more people than just Craig McClanahan have gotten
this to work using a CCF.

2.  If it does work for you on at least one platform, have you tried it on any
other (win32)?

3.  Can anyone replicate the error on win32, or does it just work for
you?  If it works for you, can you provide the applicable parts of your buld.xml
such as the install target?

Any help would be very much appreciated.



Best regards,

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