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From Alessio Fiore <>
Subject R: Client session problems when MSIE is run within Outlook
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:15:20 GMT
Hi Jeff, just for information, the problem is caused by a bug (?) of MSIE:
that occurs when you have access to your application clicking on a hyperlink
(for example if you have a custom local homepage with links to your
frequently used applications/sites, or you click on a hyperlink in an
outlook mail preview) instead of writing the complete address in IE's
addressbar. Under this condition the application works fine, but if you open
a popup the main window "forgets" the sessionid and doesn't supply it to the
httpserver, so your session becomes invalid.

You can find more clicking here:;en-us;Q300895


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Da: Jeff Larsen []
Inviato: mercoledì 12 giugno 2002 18.33
A: tomcat-user
Oggetto: Client session problems when MSIE is run within Outlook

I don't have MS Outlook myself, so I can't do any testing on this. But
I have a customer who has been running a browser session from within

Some of my pages have javascript links that open a new browser window
to view a page. When she accesses one of these popups from within
Outlook, the newly popped-up window fails to supply the correct
session cookie and a new session is created for that window. Needless
to say, this really screws up the application.

Is it possible to *force* the encoding of the session ID in the page
which contains the link that generates the popup even if cookies are
used for the session ID? Right now, I'm using response.encodeURL(),
but that does nothing when cookies are used. I would rather not use an
encoded session ID for all links, just ones that open new windows.


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