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From Peter Lin <>
Subject Re: [4.1.6] Milestone available for testing
Date Sun, 30 Jun 2002 17:48:40 GMT

> Did you set the "development" flag to false while
> testing ? I think 
> you're supposed to use that in production systems
> now (I suppose we need 
> a doc page on Jasper 2, as there are quite a few new
> configuration 
> parameters which are actually useful now).

Nope, I didn't set the flag to false.  I finally gave
up on JProbe and decided it simply won't work with
Jasper2. It looks like when JProbe launches a new
shell it wipes out the environment settings, since I
have java_home, java, classpath and path all set to
the location of my jdk1.3.1.

I'm running benchmarks with OptimizeIt now on my home
system. Even though my goal is to profile the
performance of JSTL, it does provide useful comparison
between tomcat 4.0.3 and 4.1.6.

I do notice GC intervals are longer with tag pooling
and no where near jasper1. As well, it gives the VM
more time to increase the heap size gradually compared
to jasper1. Jasper1 compiled tag pages under 16
concurrent connections tended to spike the heap
setting dramatically, leading to unusually high
variance/deviation. In some cases the variance in
response time in JMeter was greater than the mean.


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