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From Charles Baker <>
Subject Re: connection pooling strategy
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 15:40:55 GMT

--- wrote:
> Hi All
> I am a regular reader of this mailing list now and I
> quite often read about 
> connection pooling. I sort of understand what it is
> and I have read it in 
> many books. I just wanted to know what real benefits
> does it actually 
> provide? My home tomcat server runs with a MS Access
> database conected to it 

There in lies your problem, MS Access. To see the
benefit you need to use a real database. Even MS SQL
Server will do :-) though I use either PostgreSQL or
MySQL for my own stuff and at my fulltime job we use
Sybase. Most other folks I correspond with use Oracle.
Despite some of Microsoft's counter claims, I really
don't think Access was ever meant to be a multi user


There is a link on that page which goes to a Microsoft
Counter claim. However, in a previous life I worked at
a university helpdesk. We had our own homegrown Access
based trouble ticketing system. When we tried to
extend it to other depts via the lan and the web we
got flaky results, mysterious locks, etc.

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