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From Manolo Ramirez <>
Subject connection pooling,postgresql and tyrex?
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 16:44:42 GMT
Hi, I'm working in an chat system, we have a communities site in 
php-postgresql and we want to make it interactive. Searching for connection 
pooling i fount tyrex but, is the best alternative? I hear that it only use 
one connection.

In a first stage the most part of the query's well be selects an I will use 
one single connection for them(is postgresql jdbc thread safe right?). For 
transactions i need a new connection and a pooling, I hear of dbcp in this 
list and download it inmediatly to test but tomcat hangs without any warning 
(dbcp is not in production stage and use it is scary).

The system will be very interactive with a heavy DB load,are there another 
alternative better than tyrex and dbcp?

I'm new in java (and english like you see), and i will appreciate any help and 

I think that the better config for this is:
IBM JDK 1.3.1, RedHat Linux 7.2(of course) and tomcat 4.0.3
what do you think?

Manolo G. Ramirez T.
Serinbol S.A.

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