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From Edward Wilson <>
Subject Re: newbie question.
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 14:15:04 GMT
I'm confused by your question, can you narrow your

It's sounds like you have yet to get a servlet

Place your servlet code in your WEB-INF/classes dir
and compile it there; you will want to have your class
path setup properly for whatever means your are using
to build, e.g. ide, notepad, emacs...etc.

You can call your servlet by prepending your servlet
with <rootWebDirectory>/servlets/<yourServlet>

Servlets are harder to test from the command line
because they require the `servlet container'
environment.  You can add a main method to your
servlet and call main...etc, but you really won't know
for sure how your `servlet' is working with respect to
your container which you really need to know at the
end of the day.

You are better off muscling through getting your
container setup properly to begin with; then your
testing will be more fruitful.


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