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From Adam Pfeiffer <>
Subject Answer: Reloading classes WITHOUT using & (newbies should read)
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 15:37:12 GMT
I have been on this list for about a month and have see this question many time (myself included).
 I have finally figured out how you can get a class to reload (e.g. Included JavaBean) without
having to stop/start tomcat using and  First, follow the directions
"Manager App HOW-TO" included with the tomcat documentation.  Once this is done, you can use
manager app reload function to reload the web app.  This also refreshes any newly compiled
(e.g. javabeans) that you may have included in the JSPs.  To use the reload, do the following:

http://<IP Address>/manager/reload?path=<web app>

You can also use the manager to deploy new web apps, un-deploy web apps, start/stop web apps.

This may be common sense to those tomcat veterans, but this was very helpful to me once I
how to use it.


P.S.  If I have made any errors, please correct me.  Thanks.

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