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Subject weird connection problems
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 11:00:05 GMT
Hi all
 I currently have MS Access as my backend database and Tomcat as server. When 
I try to connect to a datasource over the network with the jsp (presentation 
purpose) and java bean (business logic (where I establish connection to 
Access database)) setup, i get an error. If I use the same jsp and java bean 
to retrieve information from a database which is on my local pc then it is 
able to do it ok. 

Why is this happening? I am using a jdbc:odbc driver (the one that comes free 
with jdk1.4 (TYPE 1)). I thought it may be the driver but the funny thing is 
if I write a jsp (presentation and business logic mixed) to retrieve the data 
from over the network then it works!!! Has anyone else had this problem? Does 
anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Kind Regards

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