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Subject The best website database!
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 18:04:43 GMT
Hi All

I currently use MS ACCESS as my backend to my website and other developers in 
the forum have advised this is not a good choice and I am aware of this but I 
was forced to use it as all data comes to me in MS ACCESS from database admin 
that supply the data for the website. I want to know what is the best 
database to use for a website? 

features I am looking for are:

1- An excellent GUI (Very important) front like MS ACCESS where I can quickly 
design queries, tables and so on. I normally design all the queries in MS 
ACCESS and then I just write the single line command "SELECT QUERY1" rather 
than writing the full query in a javabean or jsp page by hand as this saves 
me alot of time.

2- Good drivers (I know the MYSQL comes with Mark Mathews free drivers which 
are excellent - so i am preferabally looking for a cheap/free driver aswell).

3- Be able to export MS ACCESS databases (I would like to do this but not 
extremely important in long run as I might be able to convince my data 
suppliers to change databases)

4- Must be quite fast at processing alot of queries.

I have done some reading on ORACLE, MYSQL (used it in university but was only 
text based!!! I know there are some GUI available but how good are they?), 
and SQL Server.

Input welcomed from all

Thanks in advance
Kind Regards

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