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From "Carl W. Jolly" <>
Subject Re: outsiders cannot brows my site in tomcat
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 16:12:16 GMT
I think the problem is that you have no route for the outside world to
get to your router and this is because your providers DNS has no idea
that he has to route traffic destined to your  internal network to your
router. There is a solution there are web sites that will update their
DNS entries to point to your server and then once someone can get to
your router you can have your router port forward ( if it is capable) to
and a machine on your lan  If you have a static IP address the first
part is not applicable since your ISP will have your router in his DNS
table; however since many ISPs will not give out static IP addresses you
will have to refresh the services DNS tables every time DHCP gives you a
new external address for your router.The DNS provider will give you a
domain say and your requestors will look you up as
such.  You will have to search the net for one of these providers. Ok
once they can get to your router the router can port forward all
requests on lets say port 80 to your internal webserver on port 80 this
will reply back to the router who will reply back to the requestor. 

              external IP      internalIp    local Lan IP ( for example)
---- request:80 ----> [ router ] <=========>[ webserver]
<----reply ----------

this should get you started

On Thu, 2002-06-20 at 13:01, Yu Ye Zhou wrote:
>  From:Carl Jolly/DIL/ on 06/20/2002 11:01 AM MST          
>  I have three computers connected to each other as LAN.   
>  I use DSL and a router to have all of them connected     
>  to internet. I have tomcat install in one of the         
>  computer as stand alone. I can see the index pages by    
>  using name of the computer using                         
>  http://NameOfComputer:8080 within my LAN. However, if    
>  I try to see the same page from a computer outside of    
>  my own network, page is not found. It also says server   
>  is not found. It seems to me more like a network         
>  problem than problem with tomcat. I didn't intergrate    
>  apache web server with tomcat. Do I need apache to see   
>  the page? Can I use tomcat only? Anybody also have       
>  idea of why outsiders cannot brows my pages?             
>  Thanks a lot.                                            
>  Yu Ye Zhou                                               
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