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From Jeffrey Polaski <>
Subject IIS - jsp file download on port 80
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 00:59:46 GMT
First, thanks in advance for any help with this...
I've gotten Tomcat 4.0.4 set up and everything works well if I connect to
port 8080. I'd like to be able to serve servlets and jsp's transparently to
users over port 80. However, if I connect through port 80 and try to grab a
.jsp file all I get is a download prompt asking me if I want to save the
file to my hard drive. (You can see for yourself:
<> ).
(you can also see that Tomcat works on port 8080:
<> )
I'm not sure what needs to be changed. Do I need to add an application
mapping for .jsp's to the default web site in IIS? If that's so, I'm not
sure what to map it _to_. Would it be isapi_redirector.dll? I tried setting
Tomcat to run on port 80, but Tomcat just breaks. Is the problem that I'm
using the warp connector? Should I be using something else?
I've put a copy of all the Tomcat configuration files in:
<> . As far as I can tell,
everything is set up correctly... I took out ajp12 because it isn't used in
anything. Removing it didn't seem to affect anything...
I'll be happy to summarize and post the solution to the group, once it's
worked out. And again, thanks for any help!

   Jeff Polaski 
   Manager, Web Services 
   Research & Graduate Studies 
   University California, Irvine 


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