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From Eric Hollander>
Subject Re: Does Tomcat want to stand alone?
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 02:51:12 GMT
On Monday 03 June 2002 18:24, you wrote:
> My impression of Tomcat is that one winds up having to learn ALL of it's
> features at once. It is also very hard to find out answers to simple things
> on their web site... like how do you turn off directory indexing in Tomcat?
> I can find stuff on security managers, jndi and class loaders, but whenever
> I have a simple question I get stuck.

One of the common criticisms about Java is that it's great for big-scale 
stuff but it's harder to use for small stuff.  This really is true, and it's 
also true for Tomcat.  You can learn perl very quickly and you can write a 
basic cgi and install it in apache very quickly.  Just learning how to 
install and get Tomcat started is a challenge.  Just writing "hello world" is 
vastly more complicated.  You can write a hello-world cgi in two lines.  In 
Java you need to install everything, and then subclass Servlet, and set up 
web.xml, etc, etc.  So you are right, you need to learn a lot more to do 
simple stuff, but it works a lot better when you need to do big stuff.

But if you are already familiar with java and tomcat it because very quick 
and easy to set up simple applications.

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