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From "Jim Urban" <>
Subject RE: TO ALL NEWBIES:advice from a semi-newbie
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 12:40:03 GMT
Like you, we get Tomcat from Apache Jakarta so we know exactly what we are
getting.  We tell our clients to do the same so we know they are running our
applications on a platform we have tested on and that our installation
instructions will work.

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From: Liam Morley []
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2002 12:46 AM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: TO ALL NEWBIES:advice from a semi-newbie

This is probably great advice for a newbie, although I can't say for
sure as I haven't checked the Web Services pack out yet and couldn't
evaluate it. To clarify, jdk1.3.1 does work with tomcat 4.x (or at least
it does so far), however I'm not sure if you need jdk1.4 for the web
services pack. I'm curious as to whether most people go with tomcat as
part of a bundled package (either with Sun Forte or with Sun Web
Services Dev Pack), or if they get it seperately from Apache Jakarta.
I've always gone for getting it seperately, because I know what version
I'm getting, I'm not worried about it being scaled down or having a
different configuration system, and I know how to upgrade. But I
certainly can see the advantages of a bundled system for somebody who's
learning. Does anybody use a bundled system elsewhere as well?

Liam Morley

Clay Graham wrote:

>Hi newbies!
>I am writing this because I went through some pain installing tomcat, I
>think anyone would if they weren't already pretty familliar with what is
>going on..
>I want to give just a little advice from someone who just went through it
>1. Install JSDK 1.4 from sun, nothing other version will do....
>2. Install Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP)
>This has a killer installer and will install tomcat4 for you real nice and
>neat....It also has just about everything you need to know about this
>incredible server application revolution...
>3. Install the Java Web Services Developer Pack Tutorial
>This is the best way for a newbie who just doesn't get the details of the
>very cool jakarta project.
>you will be running tomcat within 30 minutes.....
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