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From "Chris Brown" <>
Subject Re: Repost: Java 1.4 io classes
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 08:18:57 GMT

Apparently, it's not very applicable, because current servlet APIs require
one thread per request.  As I understand it, the only real way the new I/O
APIs can be used at present is internally by the servlet engine to receive
requests, which are then passed onto a specific thread and servlet.  As
someone who uses creates servlets, as opposed to servlet engines, you won't
see any real difference.

I've heard rumours that the next version of the servlet spec will try to
make use of these APIs, but the spec isn't public yet (although this should
change soon).

- Chris B

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Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 6:52 PM
Subject: Repost: Java 1.4 io classes

> Okay, I'll give this question one more shot..., then I'll assume the
> is "No".....
> I am wondering if Tomcat soon will make (or already has made) use of new
> classes in Java 1.4 such as java.nio.channels.SelectableChannel?
> all this gives you non-blocking i/o that will be much more scalable than
> old thread-oriented blocking i/o, but I dunno if it's truly applicable to
> servlets. Can anybody shed some light on this?
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