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From "Renato Romano" <>
Subject RE: problem..plz help me out
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 07:04:08 GMT
I can't find the "run-as" element which you mention in your web.xml file
... If you want to restrict access to a resource just use the security
constraint element... Look in the servlet doc...

Renato Romano
Sistemi e Telematica S.p.A.
Calata Grazie - Vial Al Molo Giano
16127 - GENOVA

Tel.:   010 2712603

-----Original Message-----
From: puneet sachar [] 
Sent: sabato 8 giugno 2002 21.22
To: Xinji Gu
Subject: problem..plz help me out

Hi friends, this is my 4th mail regarding my single

I have install the tomcat 4.0.3 and its doing fine as
far .html files are concern but no .class and .jsp
files are running on it

I have asked 9-10 times abt same question again and
again and I got nothing from u guys there

Plz help me.I really stuck ..

With this mail I'm sending my server.xml file and
web.xml file which is in my virtualhost/WEB-INF/

I know it is very tough for u to go in these files and
see for errors but plz..i'm in need badly and afater
spending so much time here I some time feel like
crying . and I'm in such a place and in such a part of India..where I
can't get ant local computer guy with whom I can discuss ..plz do me a
little favour

Here are my problems
1)	no .class and .jsp working only html is working 
2)	I have done all changes which were to made in
server.xml.)I have send the file also plz check it and
tell me any mistake if u find)
3)	I'm getting 404 error servlet found
4)	And I'm able to excess the .class file vis
 But not by making my own virtual host aand not even
the default root directory

what i have is my own context named sachar 
and when i go .http://puneet:80/sachar/servlet/HelloworldServlet

error -- 404

See friends ..if u can help me I'll be very grateful
to u


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