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From "Rick Fincher" <>
Subject Re: Other question
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 14:45:04 GMT
Hi Laura,

Tomcat actually does have a pid.  It is a java application.  Under Solaris
if you do a ps -elf |grep nativ you will see a listing beginning with your
JAVA_HOME and ending with ../bin/sparc/nativ_t.  That's the pid of the java
virtual machine.  If you have multiple java apps running each will have a
JVM so you may need to sort out which java pid is Tomcat.

You can also use top after starting Tomcat.  You will see an entry for java
in the table along with the pid and memory and cpu usage info.


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From: "Laura" <>

Hi all,

thanks for your reply (Security - Attack): you are telling me that I
shouldn't worry because Apache is secure. (I hope it)

I have one other question: If Tomcat shouts down for some cause, how can I
know it?
For example, Apache has a PID and so you can control if the apache process,
with that PID,  is alive.

But Tomcat doesn't write any PID: how can I know if Tomcat is alive or not?
Is there any script for that?

Thanks for your help


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