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From "John Gregg" <>
Subject RE: Design Question: Static vs. Dynamic
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 17:42:15 GMT
I read somewhere that Yahoo does it half and half.  That is, the pages they
serve are technically static, but they're regenerated as often as new
content, like a news story, becomes available.


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org]On Behalf Of Jacob Hookom
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2002 12:34 PM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Design Question: Static vs. Dynamic

Hello All,

I've been constructing a site for a corporate intranet using, of course,
JSP and Struts Actions.  The functionality of the site is basically a
wrapper for a Database whereby each table of information has the
Insert/Modify/Delete operation available through JSPs.  I can expect
30-50 concurrent users on the site at any given time.

Is it traditional practice to write long term data to static html like
large scale sites such as cnet, or zdnet (links such as
1109200304,43904043A,44032.html)?  If so, how do they bring in dynamic
elements?  Or, in your own experience, have you found benefits from
transferring bits of page content to static hmtl (OSCache for example)?

Best Regards,


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