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From "Ed Thompson" <>
Subject Connection reset by peer error im TOMCAT
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 22:45:13 GMT
Can anyone tell me wht Tomcat is giving me this error:
2002-06-25 06:38:21 - Ctx( /myapp ): IOException in: R( /myapp+
/images/GAV3-12a.gif + null) Connection reset by peer

Seems to happen each time my HTML page trys to display a GIF.  The gIF
displays fine, I just get the error on the console.

Here is the HTML:

<BODY BGCOLOR=#006666>
<IMG SRC='../images/GAV3-12a.gif' WIDTH='236' HEIGHT='360' BORDER=0 ALT=''

Thanx for any feedback!

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