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From "Gabriel Mihalache" <>
Subject JNDI contexts ... again
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 07:05:16 GMT
I see, from your answers, that I need to manually modify XML files to be
able to create a shared JNDI context for all my webapps, and I can only do
that in Tomcat 4.1.
My problem might not require all that... I'm having this connection pool
library, which works as a factory.(I know that Tomcat has its own datasource
stuff, but I must be portable). I binded it to a location in the JNDI tree
and I can access it from any point in a webapp. I want to do that from
within ALL webapps.

I'd rather not go into Tomcat's specific XML files and build custom
Resources. That's just not portable...
So, is there a way to unify all the contexts of Tomcat?!
Also, I'll be embedding Tomcat, so I'll need to know how to do this
programatically. How difficult is that?!

    Thank you for your time,

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