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Subject Re: -- A JAR For All Seasons --
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 12:25:59 GMT

If you have jars that need to be accessed by multiple contexts, you should
place them under $CATALINA_HOME/lib directory. But since jars placed under
the $CATALINA_HOME/lib are shared by all web applications, the company that
hosts your site might be a little reluctant to implement this. But you
could package your class files like *com.yourdomainname.somedirectoryname*.
Note, this doesn't guarantee that only your web application have access to
these classes. But it might help in swaying their decision in your favor.


"Tony LaPaso" <> on 05/16/2002 07:09:50 AM

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Subject:    -- A JAR For All Seasons --


I asked this question earlier in the week and I didn't get any, at the risk of being a little obnoxious, I'll ask

I'm using Tomcat v4.0.3 on Win2k.

I have a few JAR files that I would like to be accessible from
within *all* contexts on my web site. In other words, I do not
want to duplicate these JAR files in the "WEB-INF/lib" directory
for each and every context on my site.

The company that hosts my site, however, only allows me to access
the files in *my* domain so I do not have the luxury of putting
JAR files in, for example, "jre/lib/ext" where they would be
picked up by other peoples' domains.

I was hoping (I even said a couple prayers) there was a place in
my directory structure I could put these JARs so they would be
accessible to *all* servlets in *all* contexts on *my* site but
obviously not accessible to other domains.

Is this possible?

Thanks very much.

Tony LaPaso

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