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From "corey" <>
Subject connector issues: mod_webapp and mod_jk
Date Sat, 11 May 2002 06:43:16 GMT

   Tomcat 4.0.3
   Apache 1.3.24 with mod_ssl
   mod_webapp (newest binary and from cvs)
   on Redhat 7.2

I got everything working fine. Seemed to do well.

Then, certain requests caused "Premature packet header end". I did quite a
bit of tweaking and debugging. Through that, I concluded that, occasionally,
extraneous threads seem to be hanging around until, finally (after 2 to 15
seconds?!), they throw the exception. This seems to be a widespread issue,
prevalent in postings and in bugzilla. I'll come back to it, but need to get
the app up. So...

    Tomcat 3.3.1
    Apache 1.3.24 on Redhat 7.2
        and 1.3.12 and 6.2 (?)
        both with mod_ssl

Again, got everything working fine and looking good... for about 30 minutes.
Then the number of Apache and Tomcat processes start to climb rapidly.
Eventually everything locks up and only a restart of both fixes it.

    Woefully reverted to JRun (blech!) for that environment until I can
resolve one of these.

Input on either or both issues would be greatly appreciated.

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