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From "Jason Corley" <>
Subject RE: Incomplete RPM Tomcat Distribution?
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 17:41:59 GMT

You may get some discussion going on this list but I think this may be one you want to transfer
to tomcat-dev.  My suspicion is that the tyrex packages are available either as a separate
package (from the tyrex distributors or or indeed there is some
licensing issue.  I haven't looked at the RPM of tomcat that you're referencing, but I do
know that the 4.0.4b2 RPMs had a spec file in them, as I have rebuilt them and submitted patches
back to Henri on a couple of items.  If the spec file is missing from the 4.0.3 RPMs, it is
an oversight that can be easily corrected and probably will be if you mention it to him.
Hope this helps,

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From:	Keith Irwin []
Sent:	Fri 5/24/2002 12:59 PM
To:	Tomcat Users List
Subject:	Incomplete RPM Tomcat Distribution?


I've recently been struggling with Tomcat's default connection pool
mechanism as have many people of late.  What I discovered was this:

The binary tarball distribution of Tomcat 4.0.3 contains the necessary
jars (tyrex, the tyrex hooks in naming-factory.jar, a later version of
jdbc optional package, etc).  I was able to move my application to this
version of Tomcat and with a few tweaks (ie, moving my jdbc libs from
tomcat's lib directory to its common/lib directory so that tomcat itself
could access them) I got connection pooling working as per the
JNDI-HowTo on the jakarta site.


The RPM distribution of Tomcat 4 does not contain any of the classes and
jars necessary to get this working.

Some questions:

Is there a good reason for this?  (IE, is there some sort of licensing
issue with tyrex that prevents it being distributed?)

Is this the place to talk about packaging issues or should I try over at
the tomcat-developers list?  (I'd rather speak to a larger audience than
just Henri Gomez, the packager.)

Are there plans to fix this?

I'm faced with this bizarre situation: I work in an environment in which
we must have our code packaged in RPMS.  It would be so much nicer if we
could use already packaged software maintained by others and then, when
we install our own apps, we can just tweak these standard, known
configurations.  In other words, really leveraging open source for all
it's worth. ;)  But because of this connection pool stuff, I have to
either 1) use a third party lib (and poolman throws a concurrancy
exception when I close connections after a transaction against postgres)
and this a third party configuration method, or 2) have my application
install RPM replace half the libs the standard Tomcat RPM installs.  I'm
not even sure this is possible as replacing another RPM's files might be
considered a conflict.

WHAT I REALLY WANT TO DO is make the Tomcat 4.X RPM better.

Another interesting wrinkle is that the Tomcat source distribution
doesn't contain the RPM spec file, nor does it contain half the
libraries it depends on.  You have to download them as per the build
instructions.  So, I'm not sure how to submit a patch against anything
to get what I need.

Suggestions?  Should I create my own RPM package for tomcat for private

Regardless, I'd like to see an RPM distribution that enables connection


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