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From Phillip Morelock <>
Subject Re: error page is included instead of redirection
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 21:55:39 GMT
If you're doing CORBA, etc., you might want to consider writing servlets for
the complex, error-prone processing you're doing.  Then you can choose which
JSP to forward your resulting response to: myGoodJsp.jsp or myErrorJsp.jsp.


On 5/30/02 2:45 PM, "Tom Parker" <> wrote:

>> if there is a CORBA exception or other during my operations it seems that
>> instead of the browser going to error.jsp it is doing an include
>> inside the
>> page (that is copying the code of error.jsp directly inside).
> I believe that this is due to the way redirection works. You can only
> redirect a client with a special header. If the headers have already been
> sent to the client (because you have written too much data to the output
> stream), then you cannot redirect the client anymore. If your error occurs
> after the headers have been sent, the only thing that can happen is the
> error page is included.
> If you do all your processing that can (reasonably) go wrong before writing
> any data to the client, any error will cause a redirect, not inclusion.
> However if you want commit a heading or some other part of your page before
> you do lengthy operations, then you need to structure your error page so
> that it looks good when included after the heading or whatever.
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