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From Frederick Aubert <>
Subject Some JSP Questions...
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 17:20:14 GMT

I am currently building a Webapp for a project and I came on a couple of
questions I didn¹t find any answer to. So if one of you has time to go
through them and answer to them I would be thankful. Maybe it would be
better to reply to my personal address directly for I guess my questions
might be somehow unrelated to the main threads in this list...

1) I am using some static inclusions along the way, ie <jsp:include
page=²...² />, and in the included files I want to do some repetitive
security check and/or connection check. When building the included files
under my Java Development Environement (JBuilder 6), I am allowed to use
session, request, and response object from inside the included files.
Great... But I tried then to call the response.sendRedirect() methode, but
when my Webapp was running the redirection was just simply skipped with no
apparent reason... Any idea? Anything I missed? Or?

2) Is there a way to use general constant defined either in a Java Class or
in a Java Interface from inside JSP directive tag. For example I have a
constant with the URL of the standard error page. I would like to call the
constant instead of writing explicitly <%@ param errorPage=²...² %>. Or I
would like to use, inside a jsp:include or jsp:forward, some parameterNames
or paramaterValues that are constant. Is it a dream? Or is it possible

3) Is there a way to force re-initialization of, or invalidating, a JavaBean
that was given the scope = ³session² without invalidating the whole session?
As far as I am understanding, whenever you invalidate a session, you loose
everything done so far, bean variables and attributes... Right? Oh and by
the way are bean variables and attributes stored differently or are bean
variables just another way to use session attributes?

Sincerely, Frederick Aubert

   `6_ 6  )   `-.  (     ).`-.__.`)       Frederick Aubert
   (_Y_.)'  ._   )  `._ `. ``-..-'
 _..`--'_..-_/  /--'_.' ,'      
(il),-''  (li),'  ((!.-'

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