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From Rick Mann <>
Subject I've searched the archives, still no answer: init() is being called twice
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 23:24:52 GMT
I've pored over the archives looking for an answer to this problem. A lot of
people seem to experience the problem, and there have been suggestions about
what might be causing the problem, but none have panned out.

I'm running Tomcat 4.0.4b3 (how do I tell for sure?) on Mac OS X 10.1.4.

I have Tomcat configured to run Standalone on ports 80 & 443. Both ports
work fine (AFAIK). I've removed all extraneous Contexts, Connectors and such
from Server.xml.

I've got one InitServlet mapping in my web.xml file. I use that servlet to
configure log4j using the DOMconfigurator, and to instantiate another class
that creates a thread to do some periodic work.

In that thread, I try to get a NamingContext for access to a JDBC 2.0
connection pool. I use the same code to do that that I've used throughout my
other servlets, and everywhere else it works fine.

However, the InitServlet is getting instantiated twice, and init() is being
called twice, every time I start Tomcat. The first instantiation seems to
work better, in that the NamingContext seems to be there. The second time, I
can't get the context.

Furthermore, some log4j calls are logged to catalina.log, and others are
logged to the log file I configured in log4j (called "store.log"). Most
interestingly, many log messages are logged to both files, with exactly the
same timestamp.

I've not been able to find a suitable answer in the archives. Can someone
please shed real light on this? Is it a bug in 4.0.4b?



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