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From Phillip Morelock <>
Subject Re: A optimizing problem, need your help.
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 05:13:49 GMT
On 5/22/02 9:45 PM, "kelly, Burrowa" <> wrote:

>> you might
>> consider using tomcat 3 instead then -- a
>> lot less overhead for
>> non-2.3 apps.  i use it for that purpose explicitly.
> Just curious, what are non-2.3 apps?

Meaning apps that don't take advantage of the "latest and greatest" Servlet
API (2.3) specification features, like filters and such.  A lot of "older"
and even newer apps run on Tomcat 3, and a lot of them run on TC4.  People
use both in production environments, and there's no reason why everybody has
to use Tomcat 4 immediately if they do not need the administrative or API
features.  Tomcat 3 has been around for a while and IMHO it's solid.

Purely anecdotal, but I noticed that Tomcat 4 exhibited higher latency at
admittedly light loads on similar hardware in the two cases where I
experimented with migrating an existing, "old" application to Tomcat 4.  I
left them alone (still running!), and used Tomcat 4 for another project
instead.  Could have just been me...could have been a lot of things.


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