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From "Tom Parker" <>
Subject RE: error page is included instead of redirection
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 21:45:57 GMT
> if there is a CORBA exception or other during my operations it seems that
> instead of the browser going to error.jsp it is doing an include
> inside the
> page (that is copying the code of error.jsp directly inside).

I believe that this is due to the way redirection works. You can only
redirect a client with a special header. If the headers have already been
sent to the client (because you have written too much data to the output
stream), then you cannot redirect the client anymore. If your error occurs
after the headers have been sent, the only thing that can happen is the
error page is included.

If you do all your processing that can (reasonably) go wrong before writing
any data to the client, any error will cause a redirect, not inclusion.
However if you want commit a heading or some other part of your page before
you do lengthy operations, then you need to structure your error page so
that it looks good when included after the heading or whatever.

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