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From "Wagoner, Mark" <>
Subject RE: IIS and Tomcat: I am stuck with this for last two days : Can somebody help
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 19:07:27 GMT
The default registry entries have a typo.  Check the value for:

HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\Software\Apache Software Foundation\Jakarta Isapi

The default value is isapi_redirect.dll, but the DLL name is

Also check the name of your file.  The documentation uses and interchangeably.  Pick one or the
other and make sure everything is configured to use this name.

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From: Sankaranarayanan (Ganesh) Ganapathy []
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2002 3:00 PM
Subject: IIS and Tomcat: I am stuck with this for last two days : Can
somebody help

Hi All,

I am using win2k professional, IIS 5.0 and Tomcat4.0.3 I want to configure
IIS and tomcat. I followed the instructions and setup the ISAPI filer on
IIS. I see a green arrow against the ISAPI filter. When I send in a request
I see the following entry made in the IIS log: 07:30:30 GET
/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll 500. i dont see any entries in my redirector log
though I have increased the log level to info

Subsequently the tomcat ISAPI redirector is not forwarding the request to my
tomcat worker (I am monitoring for any activity on the port on which tomcat
ajp connector is listening). 

The trouble shooting section in doc says

If the number following GET "/..." is 500, check the following: 
	Make sure the virtual directory created was called "jakarta". 
	Make sure that the extension_uri setting is correct. 
	Check the file and make sure the port setting for
workers used is the same as the port specified in the server.xml for the
ajp13 or ajp12 connectors, normally this ports are 8007 for ajp12 and 8009
for ajp13. 

I check all three and all of them are fine, infact apache works my tomcat
ajp connector using the same file.

Has anybody got this configuration to work? Any pointers to what I should do
further will be greatly appreciated.


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