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From Nicholas Orr <>
Subject Dictate what happens when page loads based on the Querry String
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 03:41:19 GMT

I type in the following url http://localhost/Forms/form.jsp

Now what should happen is it should do what is in the case 1 of the switch.

But it doesn't. It gets caught up on the fact that there is no Page

I have come from the world of asp, and something like this is achieved
simply by doing this.

If len(request("Page")) < 0 Then
  sPage = "1"
End If

It doesn't matter if "page" is there or not, if page is there in the form of
form.asp?Page= then the length = 0 if it is form.asp then length = 0

How do you do this in java?

The reason I have the else in there is I have to convert sPage into a
integer cause switch doesn't accept strings unlike VB's Select which does.

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