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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re[4]: Tomcat redirect
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 16:38:12 GMT
Hello joshua,

Well, take a look at the form action:


This isn't even a servlet to servlet call.  This is a browser to
servlet call.  On top of that, you are telling the form to be
sumbmitted to

This tells Tomcat to look in the ROOT context and find a servlet
called "CatalogServlet".  However, you want to look in the "spike"

Just change your action to the following:

Assuming you are at a web address that looks like:


will be translated by the browser as a request to:


if you don't want to count on being in the /spike/servlet path already
like above, then provide a hard path off the root of the web server:


Which translates to the following no matter what your current URL is:

If you are wondering how to dynamically write this link in your
servlet, just do:

req.getServletContext() + "/servlet/CatalogServlet"

That will translate to:

"/spike/servlet/CatalogServet" which is what you want.

Note, it also works if you are using the ROOT context since
req.getServletContext() will return "/" in that case.

Does that help?


Tuesday, May 07, 2002, 11:16:35 AM, you wrote:

jw> Yeah, I figured that out a bit later. The problem seems to be that Tomcat is
jw> just ignoring the call to /servlet/Whatever.
jw> The situation is like this, I'm trying to get as specific as possible now.
jw> The code looks like this:
jw>  <form name=insertForm action=/servlet/CatalogServlet onSubmit="return

jw> And if someone clicks on that button they get a 404 and Tomcat returns the
jw> error that it can't find /servlet/CatalogServlet. This exists without any
jw> <context> stuff setup in server.xml.  The problem is that in the original
jw> call to the original servlet we have apache redirecting the request to
jw> and when OurServlet
jw> calls OtherServlet via the code above it tries to locate it on
jw> and that doesn't work. It
jw> has to have the /spike/ in there. So... Any idea how I can do that? One of
jw> the issues is that I can't change the code in the servlet itself (Otherwise
jw> fixing this would be trivial).

jw> Josh

jw> ----- Original Message -----
jw> From: "Jacob Kjome" <>
jw> To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
jw> Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2002 12:01 PM
jw> Subject: Re[2]: Tomcat redirect

>> Hello joshua,
>> Well, actually, all you've done here is specify a context called
>> "servlet" which has it's docbase sitting on the file system as
>> "/spike/servlet".  This would assume that you are on a Unix system and
>> you have a directory called "spike" off the root of your sytem with a
>> directory called "servlet" inside that.
>> In this case, the address to your webapp would be:
>> However, I would avoid calling your context "servlet" because I think
>> it will conflict with the default servlet mapping that Tomcat provides
>> for you.  In fact I think you are confusing the /servlet/* mapping that
jw> Tomcat provides
>> for all webapps via its default web.xml with setting up a context.
>> Let's assume that you place your new context in Tomcat's 'webapps"
>> directory and it is called "myservlets".  You can either not bother
>> explicitly stating the <Context> for this webapp in the Server.xml and
>> let Tomcat create a default one for it, or you can go ahead and
>> specify it like this:
>> <Context path="/myservlets" docBase="myservlets">
>> The path says that requests to refer to
>> a Tomcat-served Servlet context.
>> The docBase says where the context's directory exists on the file
>> system.  Here, we are saying that it exists in the current directory
>> (relative the webapps directory).  You could also put this elsewhere
>> on your file system, but you must then provide a path relative to
>> webapps directory by saying something like "../../../../myservlets"
>> which says "myservlets" is located 4 directories back from wherever
>> the "webapps" directory exists or you can specify a hardcoded path
>> like "C:\myapps\myservlets" on windows or "/myapps/myservlets" on
>> Unix.
>> Now with that set up, calling your servlet that redirects to another
>> servlet might go something like this:
>> which might redirect to another servlet "MyRedirectResultServlet"
>> You'd have to make sure that the redirection goes to
>> "/servlet/MyRedirectResultServlet" in order for Tomcat to catch this
>> request as a request to this other servlet.
>> Did that answer the question or am I missing something?  Bottom line,
>> rename your context to something other than "servlet" to avoid
>> confusion.
>> Jake
>> Tuesday, May 07, 2002, 10:08:41 AM, you wrote:
>> jw> I was hoping of something within the Tomcat configuration itself since
jw> we
>> jw> don't use an index.jsp file. To be more specific about my problem,
jw> Whenever
>> jw> a servlet calls another servlet in Tomcat it isn't intercepting the
>> jw> /servlet/ directive and replacing it with /spike/servlet/ which is
jw> what it
>> jw> should be doing. Perhaps I'm overlooking something obvious in the
>> jw> configuration that will do this, but I've tried putting a
>> jw> <Host name="DEFAULT" >
>> jw>     <Context path="/servlet"
>> jw>              docBase="/spike/servlet" />
>> jw>     </Host>
>> jw> Entry in the server.xml file, but that didn't seem to do it either...
>> jw> Someone smack me with a clue stick and tell me what I'm doing wrong?
>> jw> Josh
>> jw> ----- Original Message -----
>> jw> From: "Oki DZ" <>
>> jw> To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
>> jw> Sent: Monday, May 06, 2002 8:17 PM
>> jw> Subject: Re: Tomcat redirect
>> jw> On 05/07 04:19 joshua wentworth wrote:
>> >> I am trying to have Tomcat redirect certain requests to other
jw> applications
>> >> or other sites. But I can't find anything in the documentation or in
jw> any
>> jw> of
>> >> the messageboards about any kind of forward or redirect function in
>> jw> Tomcat.
>> >> Is there such a function, and if so where can I find documentation on
jw> it?
>> jw> You can use the following in my index.jsp, so that the main page will
jw> be
>> jw> redirected to some other location: <%
>> jw> response.sendRedirect(response.encodeRedirectURL("<new URL>"));
>> %>>
>> jw> Oki
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