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From Mikael Helbo Kjær>
Subject RE: Help me: URGENT!!!
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 10:28:47 GMT

> I have two clients (company A and company B): each company
> use one interface
> and when the user has to pay, the compnay (A or B) calls my
> sistem(servlets
> with tomcat and apache). I'd like to distinguish A or B by IP
> address but
> when I call request.getRemoteAddr() in my servlet I take the user IP
> (browser).
> How can I take the IP of server to distinguish between A or B?
> How can I use InetAddress?

Then it seems you're in a bit of trouble. How does this redirect happen? Is
it their servers redirecting to a user interface on your server or is it
more something like their server's calling RequestDispatcher.forward?

It is an sendRedirect on their server, then you're in trouble, because then
you would have to add some demarcation information onto the request to
identify the server. This is needed because a send redirect in HTTP terms
means that the user's browser is sent a HTTP header and then goes over to
your server with the request.

If it is someother way I can't really help you.


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