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From Mikael Helbo Kjær>
Subject Tomcat 4 Configuration help needed!!!
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 12:55:43 GMT
Hi all.

I am in need of the help of a clever soul from this list.

I have a tomcat 4 running a major web application based on struts and
several internal developed classes, which needs to assume some control of
the virtual hosting on the server.

See in our application we have a framework based on a filter which needs to
do something like this: should really be redirected to the resource
at:, but only if the "tse" part of the URL is present
otherwise it is a errorneous URL in the context of the application. Now we
achieve this through a Servlet 2.3 Filter which puts a wrapper around the
ServletRequest to ensure proper routing happens. This is all an exercise to
allow for one web application to host many virtual "companies" without
needing to actually do any kind of installing on the server for each company
we host for. Now the problem is I have all the code running, however when
the URL is '/tse/do/login' instead of '/do/login' then our filter doesn't
get called. We have a context mapping in servlet.xml, which maps the '/'
context to our webapplication, and that works, however when we do '/tse/' it
seems that Tomcat goes off looking for other webapplications instead of
mapping it to ours correctly.

I hope somebody here can tell me how to keep Tomcat from doing that. To make
Tomcat map all stuff coming in after the hostname to be mapped to our
webapplication instead of anything else.

Best regards
Mikael Helbo Kjaer
Software developer @ TSE

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