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From tek1 <>
Subject accessing ServletContext object from HttpServletRequestWrapper?
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 14:40:23 GMT
is there any way to object the ServletContext object from a 
HttpServletRequestWrapper or a non-servlet class?

it's a long story, but basically i'm having to create a type of custom 
session and session manager because i'm working with a client that can't 
set the cookie request header and sending a request from the client in the 
form http://theUrl?JSESSIONID=cookie is not an option.  the session id is 
being sent in the body of the request.

basically, i have a HttpServletRequestWrapper intercepting the request 
before it gets to the servlet (to parse out the session id included in the 
request's body) and providing a custom implementation of getSession() to 
return the custom session from the custom session manager.

i've written all the implementations for the methods in the HttpSession 
interface, but am having difficulty with the implementation of 
getServletContext().  working on a few ideas, but if anyone has any 
recommendations, it's much appreciated.

thank you. 

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