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From Ben Walding <>
Subject Re: JNDI, DataSource and "Cannot create resource instance"
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 21:18:28 GMT
IRWIN,KEITH (HP-Corvallis,ex1) wrote:

>I've been beating myself to death over this issue (and have read as many of
>the archives on both this, the postgres-jdbc and google resources) and never
>even get to the point where those solutions work:
>Here's the story:
>I'm using postgresql jdbc drivers that come with RedHat 7.2 (and I've tried
>a lot of others).
>I'm using the Tomcat 4.0.3 RPM version (and had to manually add the tyrex
>classes, though that changed nothing).
>I've set things up according to the JNDI Howto:
>But when I execute this line of code:
>	ConnectionPoolDataSource pooledDataSource = 
>I get a NamingException with a message:
>	Cannot create resource instance.
>What exactly is this message telling me?  I'm thinking that it cannot create
>an instance of the javax.sql.DataSource instance (which is in my web.xml and
>server.xml), but the jdbc drivers are there (and only one copy) and aren't
>in my webapp lib dir, and so on and so forth.
>I'm trying to get out of using PoolMan since it's no longer in development
>and gives me a "Concurrancy" exception when I try to run db transactions
>against it.
>Hints much appreciated!
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I had this problem the other day and I looked into it quite closely.

It appears that TyrexDataSourceFactory (and other things) are no longer 
placed in the naming-factory.jar.

It used to be in there, but I can't work out where they've moved it.  I 
rolled back to an earlier version of the jar (4.0.2 I believe) and all 
my stuff started working.   I'll do some more investigation this weekend 
as to the correct way to fix it.  I'll also be raising a feature request 
for their ResourceFactory to log the error properly rather than that 
dodgy message that it gives currently!

Hope this helps.



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