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From peter lin <>
Subject Re: Conncurency issue with tomcat???
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 14:30:44 GMT

If your problem isn't caused by un synchronized hashtable, more
information would help diagnose the problem, like what is the time out
value set for sessions? What is the time out value for connections? Is
persistent sessions turned on? Are you setting the timeout value in your

Perhaps try a third party http connection library. I've used HttpClient
before and it works well. the library includes more features and better

I would give JMeter a try first before using HTTPclient library.  It's
unlikely there are duplicate live sessions, since that would be a
critical security flaw.

peter lin

"Ghorpade, Rajendra" wrote:
> Sorry, I mean to say I do not invalidate the session myself but it is
> invalidated by tomcat.
> After the 5th step I send a request without the cookie so new session is
> created on the server.
> I myself is not managing the sesion but it just a simple check in service
> method to avoid same sassion id to be allocated to two threads.
> As the hashtable is a member of the servlet(my srvlet) I keep a record of
> the ongoing sesions in this hashtable.As I am adding and removing the
> sesions to this hashtable in the service method itself this ensures that for
> N number of threads(concurrent) there should be always N different entries
> in the hashtable.If the session id from any request thread is one already
> present in the hashtable that means the servlet engine is allowing the same
> session id to be used by two different threads at the same time.Because one
> thread is already working on this session.
> Hope u understand my english ...:-)
> Did u get what i have to say??
> Raj

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