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From chuck amadi <>
Subject Dbtags - Multiply inserts within a jsp (two at least)
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 14:53:42 GMT
Hi there , using DBTags can one write multiply insert statements to a 
database within the same jsp page.

As i need to populate a concatenated table with a Primary and Foreign key.
Thus within a select statement i can call a set of data that refers to 
two different tables.

ie i have a volunteer members table and a next of kin table but due to 
the size and number of columns in the  members table need a assoicate 
value .

Thus i am aware of the joins (command line) etc but i need to call from 
a jsp page using the select statement element. And thus view or access 
two tables or if not can  i create a concatenated table with a PK and FK 
value that obviously has value from the two tables in question.

Any ideas

Cheers Chuck Amadi
Systems Programmer
Rhaglennydd Systemau

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