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From chuck amadi <>
Subject java.lang.StackOverflowError - indexed property values Problem
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 15:16:02 GMT
Hi there, im having problems with validating my checkboxes due to them 
being indexed property values . Thus with the Memento pattern design i 
have manged to get 90% of my project funtioning accordingly ie 
(input-text & radio buttons). Nevertheless i have a success.jsp page 
that forwards to my processDatabase.jsp which utilisies the DBTags 
Taglibrary to insert into my database . This works except that the 
actually value is a Converted String that comprises one or more of the 
checkboxes property values.

Thus i need to get the selected character value not the conversion. The 
bulk of my Volunteer Survey jsp pages are checkboxes so if i can get 
this sorted volia

Plz any suggestions i have modified my scriptlet as below and declared 
the allOps.class & Opportunity.class method and variables in my Bean.

    String []opportunity = formHandler.getOpportunity();
    if (!opportunity[0].equals("1")) {
        for (int i =0; i<opportunity.length;i++)
           String allOps ="";
                //for loop (initialization; logical test;update)
                for(int i=0; i<opportunity.length;i++){
                //allOps = allOps + the String is shorthand
} else out.println("Nothing was selected");

Here's my error stack

  Error: 500

    Location: /volapp/registerOpportunityProcessDB.jsp

*Internal Servlet Error:*

	at java.lang.Class.getComponentType(Native Method)

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